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All wrestlers must be registered prior to the start date.  You may register online, by mail or in person.   If you choose to register online you may do so on the WGW website at worldgoldwrestling.com.  You will also need to mail a copy of your USA Wrestling Card membership (see details below) prior to the start date or you can mail the completed registration form, payment, and a copy of your USA Wrestling card to:

All wrestlers must have a current USA Wrestling Card in order to practice.  Cards may be purchased online at themat.com.  This will be the only way to purchase your cards.  Follow the link  Purchase Card


DISCOUNTS:  We offer discounts for families with multiple wrestlers.  Call Dennis at 715-340-8961 for more information. 

To register:  Mail registration form, check payable to WGW and a copy of your USA Wrestling Card to

Dennis Hall

325 Lincoln Street 

Amherst, WI  54406



Any refund issued, in accordance with this policy, will be in the form of a credit towards future camps, club fees, personal training, or merchandise. In order to be considered for a refund/credit, you must make your request in writing. A monetary refund will be considered, upon request, on an individual basis.

· Refunds requested due to injury prior to or outside of a WGW event will require a Doctor’s note or Coach Hall’s determination that they are unable to participate.

· Any camper dismissed from a WGW program/event for disciplinary reasons will not be considered for a refund.

· If an injury is sustained during a WGW program/event, credit will be considered on an individual basis. Wrestling is a contact sport and injuries are an inherent part of the sport. World Gold Wrestling has contractual obligations to pay for operational expenses in their entirety for the expected duration of a wrestler’s participation. The option of having a wrestler observe the remaining practices/event should be considered prior to complete withdrawal.

· If a camper chooses to leave a WGW program/event by their own decision, for any reason, they will not receive credit for the remainder of the program.

· The decision as to whether or not to issue a credit and to what extent a credit is issued is solely at the discretion of World Gold Wrestling and Coach Dennis Hall. Timely filed requests will be considered on an individual basis.


In the event of inclement weather that warrants the closure of area schools or cancellation of after school activities, World Gold Wrestling Club, Preseason, Camps and other specialized practice sessions will not be held. World Gold Wrestling will notify parents of cancellation via e-mail and in the case that an e-mail address. No refund or credit will be given for the missed practice. If a parent chooses to not have their child attend practice because of inclement weather and World Gold Wrestling has not cancelled practice, no refund or credit will be given.


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